Why Temp?

Why Temp?


There are so many wonderful reasons as to why someone would choose to temp.

After speaking with our Spayse casual worker’s we have shortlisted the top 10 responses as to why they choose to temp…



 1/. Weekly Pay

We pay all our casual workers every Friday as this takes the stress out of financial planning for them. When our temps aren’t wasting energy on worrying about their finances they are much more relaxed and perform better at work.
A massive plus for them and us!


2/. Flexible Hours

All of our casual workers join us for our flexibility for one reason or another. A lot of them are studying and the rest are either travelling or entrepreneurs, setting up their own business. The thing they all have in common is the want for a healthy work/ life balance and we support that the best we can.


3/. Foot in the Door with Major Brands

Many of our casual workers would like a future career in the hospitality industry. Many use temporary work as a way to develop relationships with London’s leading luxury hospitality brands so that when they can take on full-time hours they already have options for employment.


4/. Luxury Market Experience

As a company we are very selective as to who we work with and tend to choose luxury brands or quirky independents to collaborate with.
Our clientele are leading global brands in the luxury hotel and restaurant and to gain experience at these establishment looks fantastic on a resume for later on in life.


5/. Potential to go Temp – Perm

Some of our casual workers are looking to gain a full-time role in the hospitality industry and in many cases throughout the year we manage to facilitate just that. We call this a temp-perm opportunity. We’ve placed many successful casual workers into full-time roles and they’re still there 1 year later.


6/. Make Friends

The hospitality industry is a very social industry and many of our casual workers have built friendships outside of the working environment. When travelling, studying abroad or working unsociable hours it is good to have like-minded friends to support you.


7/. Network with Industry Leaders

Casual workers have access to the leading and upcoming industry leaders in the hospitality industry. Our advice – listen, absorb and learn from the best in the business. You’ll be in the presence of true inspirations.


8/. Build up a Reputation

The hospitality industry is forever moving. Constant staffing changes are quite normal, meaning you’ll be exposed to a lot of people. Consequently, your reputation can spread quickly too. You want to build up a reputation for being reliable and hardworking. Use this opportunity as a way to build up your reputation for all the right reasons and it will serve you well in the future when you want to move onto a full-time role. Especially if your career will remain in the hospitality industry.


9/. Gain Experience

Many of our casual workers use temporary work as a way to build up their skills and experience. Due to the fact you’ll  be placed in a variety of different companies, in different environments, you’ll learn a great deal from each shift. This is a fast way to gain a vast amount of knowledge and experience in a short period of time.


10/. Understand the London Market from the Inside

Another advantage of moving location frequently is you get a great deal of insight into the current London market. You’ll gain first-hand insight into the current industry trends, live as they happen. This information can be invaluable if considering a long-term career in the hospitality industry.



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