What Staff Is Needed To Run A Restaurant And How To Find Them

What Staff Is Needed To Run A Restaurant And How To Find Them

The quality of a restaurant is often determined by the quality of its staff. Therefore, it is fundamentally important to find the right staff to run your restaurant. So, what staff is needed to run a restaurant and how many staff does a restaurant need?

How Many Staff Do I Need For A Restaurant?

The number of staff needed will be determined by the size of the restaurant and the average number of customers that visit the restaurant.


A restaurant manager oversees all the operations of the restaurant. This is an extremely important role and crucial for the success of your restaurant. Typically, managers command a salary of around $42,000 for working up to 60 hours a week. Essentially, your manager leads the rest of the team.


A chef is one of the star attractions of your restaurant. The head chef is the principal chef at your restaurant and they will often devise the menus and cook the food. Sous chefs also work under the head chef’s guidance. Chefs can earn anywhere from $28,000 to more than $60,000 a year.

Additional Cooks

Additional cooks, such as line cooks and prep cooks, are fundamental to the smooth functioning of your restaurant. They help with everything from the food preparation to the cooking itself, especially during busy periods. Cooks can earn between $575 and $650 every week.

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen staff perform a variety of jobs, including washing the dishes. They are generally paid a little above the minimum wage threshold.

Wait Staff

Your servers may generally have more interactions with your customers than other members of staff. It is essential that they are personable and well-presented as they will talk to guests and take orders. Often, wait staff members are paid minimum wage or more and they receive money in the form of tips too.

Bar Staff

Bar staff prepare the drinks for customers. They may also be responsible for other duties such a prepping the bar, stocktaking the drinks inventory and ordering more supplies. On average they earn $16/hour.

Hosts and Hostesses

A good host will meet and greet your customers, making them feel welcomed and valued. The host will seat the guests and make new reservations. Sometimes they may also take on the role of a cashier. It is advisable to pay the hosting staff minimum wage and above.


Multitasking is important for bussers. They are often expected to clean tables and fill up the water glasses for your customers. Bussers are usually paid the minimum wage plus tips.

How To Recruit The Right Staff?

Finding hardworking, dedicated staff is extremely important to the success of any restaurant. If you are wondering how to find staff for restaurant success, we can help you! To find the ideal personnel to run your restaurant, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team at Spayse.

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