Wellness in the Hospitality Industry – Part 4

Wellness in the Hospitality Industry
– Part 4

The final part in our series looks at how Spayse In-House can assist your new mental health strategy. We’ve explained key topics affecting mental health in the hospitality industry in our previous posts. Next steps are exploring the options for hospitality industry employers implementing wellness strategies into their HR policies.

Spayse In-House sets to create positive change in the hospitality industry. Within our In-House division, we advise clients on the best-practices in taking care of candidates welfare and development.  Putting the following steps in place, our mission is to ensure mental health risks are managed ahead of time.


Implementing Wellness Strategies in the Workplace

With so many different approaches to treating mental health in the workplace, a wellness strategy is integral to ensure success. Employee health and happiness ensures higher levels of productivity, increased team morale and job loyalty, reducing costs and elevating profits long term. A reason to invest in a robust wellness strategy if ever we’ve heard it!

Spayse In-House offers consulting advice, strategy and implementation managing end-to-end health and wellness initiatives and solutions on behalf of clients.


Spayse In-House Services

With an in-depth understanding of company responsibilities in the wellness arena – Spayse In-House is on hand to advise most suitable procedures to implement based on the bespoke needs of the business and staff. Focusing on the importance of taking a mixed approach to mental health fusing medical with holistic remedies, we’ll work alongside your team.
A dedicated consultant from our Spayse In-House division, will work together with your team to design and deploy a programme of training, workshops and care plans developed specifically with the needs of hospitality industry workers in mind.


Our approach to tackling key issues surrounding mental health in the hospitality industry falls under the below topics:


  • Education – Employee workshops and training of the importance of creating healthy rituals. Focusing on achieving balance by carving time out of schedules to practise self-care. Leadership training on how to spot potential mental health episodes in the workplace and procedures to follow should one be identified.
  • Time Management – Diligence in shift planning techniques ensuring enough rest hours between shifts, plus equal shares of late nights and early mornings allowing breaks for holidays and time off. Treating all staff as individuals at this point as what works for one is not going to work for everyone.
  • Physical Space and Environment – Making arrangements within the workplace to ensure access to quiet spaces on shift, making the most of breaks to encourage rest and relaxation.
  • Leadership – Positive mental health habits should be set across all levels of the business with senior management leading by example. Regular and open discussion of the topic is necessary to reduce stigma.
  • Partnerships – Promoting balance by collaborating with gyms, fitness studios, wellness brands and holistic healing therapists to offer discounts to staff in return for using facilities.


#SpayseStories – Wellness Panel event

Spayse International is built on a foundation of integrity and excellence, driven by results. We aim to create positive change in the hospitality industry. Spayse continues to advise clients on best-practices in taking care of candidates welfare and development. Invested in not only progressing long-term company culture on behalf of clients but advancing substantial and fulfilling careers on behalf of candidates. We hold wellness as a core component of these values.

We’re bringing together the brightest minds in hospitality wellness, including Eventwell, Sanctus and Zoe Clews.

Join us for the #SpayseStories Wellness Panel event.
We’ll be discussing strategies to increase awareness and education of health-based initiatives along with a key framework of how to implement these into your businesses. 

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite
Included in the price: entry, breakfast & networking.


Event Details:
Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry – £34.80
May 23rd, Wednesday, 08:00 – 10:00
The Ivy Tower Bridge, London



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Get in touch with the Spayse team to discuss your company’s wellness policies for 2018:  info@Spayse.com

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