Wellness in the Hospitality Industry – Part 2

Wellness in the Hospitality Industry
– Part 2

Spayse International is dedicated to creating positive change in the hospitality industry. Continuing to advise clients on best-practices in taking care of candidates welfare and development.
Our mission is to ensure risks are managed ahead of time to promote wellness across the industry.


Read on to discover advice from Sanctus on key ways to implement wellness into business, introducing strategies to promote better mental health in the workplace.


Introducing Spayse International partnership with Sanctus

Sanctus is on a mission to transform perceptions around mental health, transcending industries. Sanctus works with businesses to run coaching sessions and host community events with the ultimate aim of helping people become the ‘best version of themselves’.

Setting up two businesses prior to Sanctus, James Routledge is no stranger to high-pressure working environments.  After suffering debilitating anxiety as a result of pressure from investors, co-workers and ultimately his own high standards, James began experiencing panic attacks, yet had no one to turn to for advice.


“I didn’t really know what was happening to me and was scared, so I closed up even more. I never spoke to anyone about what was going on and tried to figure it all out alone.”


Driven to set up Sanctus with his co-founder George – a brand they wish had existed for them and for millions of others. They created a safe space to openly discuss mental health issues. Santus is focused on building a supportive community so those experiencing mental health issues don’t have to do so alone.


“Sanctus makes mental health approachable, accessible and refreshing, showing the positives not just the negatives.”


James believes it requires a top down approach to make real change in business. From experience, engaging C-Level personnel to set company-wide standards achieves the best results. Initiatives such as the Stress Matters Pledge focus on three core pillars of communications, resourcing and clients, “From leadership, speak openly about mental health. This will create a culture of permission where people feel like it’s ok to talk.”

Strategies to promote mental health in the workplace

As Guardians of the Hospitality Industry, we collaborate with initiatives such as Sanctus Pledge to ensure mental health is taken seriously in the workplace. 

Using such pledges become a badge of honour, a recruitment tactic to entice candidates joining one company over another.
From conversations we compiled the top four ways to increase mental health for hospitality companies:


  • Employee expectations – With a singular focus on excellence and high achieving prestigious nature, employees can often feel the heat mentally. To combat, companies should make their employee expectations clear from the outset of any goals to be achieved within their role as specific and measurable over clear timelines.
  • Senior management feedback – Opening lines of communication for regular, constructive feedback enables staff to make changes to behaviours at all levels of the business. Opening up a feeling of trust between managers and reporting lines, any mental health issues can be identified and discussed in confidence removing any associated stigmas before the situation escalates.
  • Time management and team planning – Training managers to be aware of fair shift patterns, introducing flexible working conditions and ensuring workers have enough time for holidays is vital in avoiding employee burnout.
  • Employee training – From mindfulness to nutrition and self-care guidance, equipping employees with the tools to take care of their own mental health is crucial in combating anxiety and depression.


#SpayseStories – Wellness Panel event

Spayse International is built on a foundation of integrity and excellence, driven by results. We aim to create positive change in the hospitality industry. Spayse continues to advise clients on best-practices in taking care of candidates welfare and development. Invested in not only progressing long-term company culture on behalf of clients but advancing substantial and fulfilling careers on behalf of candidates. We hold wellness as a core component of these values.

We’re bringing together the brightest minds in hospitality wellness, including Eventwell, Sanctus and Zoe Clews.

Join us for the #SpayseStories Wellness Panel event.
We’ll be discussing strategies to increase awareness and education of health-based initiatives along with a key framework of how to implement these into your businesses. 

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite
Included in the price: entry, breakfast & networking.


Event Details:
Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry – £34.80
May 23rd, Wednesday, 08:00 – 10:00
The Ivy Tower Bridge, London



Read part one of this four-part series on Wellness in the Hospitality Industry.

Get in touch with the Spayse team to discuss your company’s wellness policies for 2018:  info@Spayse.com

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