Wellness in the Hospitality Industry – Part 1

Wellness in the Hospitality Industry
– Part 1

Mental health is a topic currently at the front of our minds. With 1 in 3 hospitality professionals suffering from a mental health episode at some point in their career – wellness in the hospitality industry has never been more important.

As Guardians of the Hospitality industry, Spayse International is reframing perceptions that mental health issues are something to be ashamed of. We all have mental health – it’s about changing the conversation so people can relate. Harnessing increased awareness around wellbeing, Spayse International act as a catalyst to implement better models and best practises in the hospitality industry long term, where employees need assistance the most.


Read on to discover the main causes of decreased mental health in hospitality; why wellness is crucial to increasing long term profits; plus learn about initiatives to provide wellness assistance in the workplace.

A Melting Pot: causes of decreased mental wellbeing in hospitality

The hospitality industry has a notorious reputation as a high-stress workplace. Hierarchical front and back of house structures induce adrenaline spikes, whilst maintaining impeccable standards and dealing with anti-social hours makes for a gruelling environment, often taking its toll on employees.

A male-dominated industry adds fuel to the fire with men typically less likely to reach out if experiencing symptoms of decreased mental wellbeing. Ready availability leads to many cases of drug and alcohol abuse. Technology also plays its part due to the open nature of feedback in the digital age.  Bad customer reviews online can be too much to handle. Wider socio-economic impacts also take their toll for a melting pot of factors causing possible mental health problems in the hospitality industry.

Why wellness is crucial in hospitality?

Due to such working conditions, wellness across physical and mental health in the hospitality industry is crucial today more than ever. Happier, healthier employees reduce staff turnover with less sick days and time off. Plus increased team morale and all-round positivity for teams raises the bar for company cultures; all leading to extended profits in the long run.

Our preferred strategy across the board is ‘Prevention is better than cure’.  As Guardians of the hospitality industry, our mission is to ensure risks are managed ahead of time. Rather than a first aid reactive approach to situations, proactive training and preventative procedures put in place ahead of time will deliver long term all-round results for workers.

Introducing Spayse International’s partnership with Eventwell

We are proud to announce our partnership with the event industry’s first and only social enterprise dedicated to wellbeing, Eventwell. Working to increase the sector’s knowledge on mental and physical health, Eventwell provides advice and support “To make tangible change to the Event Industry’s relationship with wellbeing”.

Focusing on the three core values of empathy across the industry, changing culture within organisations and promoting self-care with individuals, Eventwell operates as resource for wellbeing advice and knowledge.

“Eventwell research showed that 10% of events professional are suffering with a mental health condition right now, with 1 in 3 experiencing an episode in their careers.” commented Helen Moon, events  and marketing director at Eventwell.

“Compared to general figures at 1 in 6 people suffering a mental health episode – with new generations coming to business with unprecedented levels of bad mental health – wellness in the hospitality events industry has never been more important”.

#SpayseStories – Wellness Panel event

Spayse International is built on a foundation of integrity and excellence, driven by results. We aim to create positive change in the hospitality industry. Spayse continues to advise clients on best-practices in taking care of candidates welfare and development. Invested in not only progressing long-term company culture on behalf of clients but advancing substantial and fulfilling careers on behalf of candidates. We hold wellness as a core component of these values.

We’re bringing together the brightest minds in hospitality wellness, including Eventwell, Sanctus and Zoe Clews.

Join us for the #SpayseStories Wellness Panel event.
We’ll be discussing strategies to increase awareness and education of health-based initiatives along with a key framework of how to implement these into your businesses. 

Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite
Included in the price: entry, breakfast & networking.


Event Details:
Mental Health in the Hospitality Industry – £34.80
May 23rd, Wednesday, 08:00 – 10:00
The Ivy Tower Bridge, London




Get in touch with the Spayse team to discuss your company’s wellness policies for 2018:  info@Spayse.com

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