Well done Zita

Imagine you have the choice of a Macdonald’s happy meal or a three star Michelin dinner. Which do you choose, which ones leaves the best impression and why?

Whichever you choose and for whatever the reason, you are constantly assessing the experience “whether you realise it or not”.

For me the happy meal is about the speed of service, the value it costs, and when you have a child the toy that they get. For the 3 star meal it’s about the quality of the food, the very best wine, the style of the service and the ambience of the restaurant.

Both offers have positives and both have negatives but which ever you choose you chose it for a reason.

Personal choice in what you do and how you do it is something that happens every day. We choose our experiences based on what we see, what we hear and what we want to experience.

In my case I spent some time in Dublin a few weeks ago and was very fortunate to stay at the Westbury. Now it’s a beautiful hotel, very elegant and well recognised as one of Ireland top hotels. Apart from the obvious aspects of being a five star luxury hotel, you can see the effort they put into the recruitment as the staff are all very well trained, immaculately presented and fitted the brand very well.

However what impressed me the most was a waitress by the name of Zita. Zita took the time to engage my 8 year old daughter and make her feel at home, by doing that it left a far lasting impression on me and my wife and we will always speak fondly of the time we spent at the hotel.

This to me is a 3 star meal but with the toy thrown in as well. Well done Zita.

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