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So I was out walking the dogs today and listening to Talk Sport. The presenters were discussing who the next England Manager would be and why they felt Roy Hodgson had failed. Now I am no football expert but I can tell you that as a public figure he was meant to inspire his team but yet he had nothing about him. To me he had no style, no great I want to have a coffee and chat with him personality, no obvious drive to show his critics they were wrongs and I am afraid no charisma.

If you look around the footballing world, the managers that have this X factor, personality and inspire their people seem to be the most successful ones. Look at present crop of Premiership football managers, Mourinho, Klopp, Conte, Bilic, Raneiri, Koeman, Guardiola, and Pochettino, all of them are characters and personalities, love them or hate them, you have an opinion on them and the players that play for them, do play for them. Look at the longer standing managers in our game, Ferguson, Wenger, Allardyce, Pardew again all great personalities.

Leading any team no matter if it’s on the international stage or simply running a department is about developing, driving, encouraging and motivating your team to do more, work harder, work faster, work better, and overall work cleverer. Now to do this, it’s about understanding the team, finding the balance between work and play, knowing who to hold and who to push that little bit more, building trust and sometimes giving freedom. Motivate to manage, and manage to improve, it’s your team that win games, not you, so think how do I get the best out of them and how do they get the best out of me.

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