5 Transferable skills your temp job can teach you

5 Transferable Skills your Temp Job can Teach You


Casual hospitality work is a popular avenue for students living in London to make money.

There are many transferrable skills that you can learn that’ll help you in your life and your future career. Therefore, regardless of the subject you’re studying or the career path you’re pursuing casual hospitality work can set you up with important fundamental work foundations.


London is a vibrant, energetic city where something is always going on. The hustle and bustle keeps the hospitality industry very active and there is always opportunities throughout the whole week to suit everyone.
The flexibility with fitting temporary work around your current commitment such as studies or your social life is the biggest perk.


5 transferrable skills learnt from your temporary job:



1/. Multi-tasking

Picture this; you’ve a full section, there are drinks waiting on the bar, chef has food on the pass ready for collection and more guests have arrived with no-one there to greet them. Every waiter has experienced this at one point. This is not an ideal circumstance, however, it is also not unheard of – situations like this force you to learn the art of multi-tasking. Being able to prioritise your work load will result in a more enjoyable shift and happier customers.

2/. Team work

A restaurant or hotel is only as good as the weakest link of the team – this is the mantra of any well-oiled company in the hospitality industry. Working as a team will be the reason for success because customers can feel when a team in working in unison. From the customer’s point of view it should resemble a dance routine, whereby team member’s seamlessly move around the floor.


3/. Manners

Casual work are predominantly customer-facing roles.
Manners are extremely important for any role, however, it is especially important in high stress environments whereby alcohol is being consumed. So, the majority of hospitality work! Knowing when to hold your opinions is an invaluable skill alongside the art of a poker face. The customer isn’t always right but that doesn’t mean you should loose your integrity and be rude. Fine tuning good manners will serve you well in all walks of life.


4/. Time Management

Temp work can be a great way to practice your time keeping abilities. During the interview process with Spayse Temps we look for evidence of transferrable skills such as good time management. Casual work can teach you how to organise yourself, manage your time and your schedule to meet with deadlines. These are all necessary skills to have with a full-time role.


5/. Communication

You’ll be communicating directly with the public and within your team as the majority of hospitality work is guest/ client facing. The ability to communicate clearly, effectively and to listen are all skills you will learn on the job. These are highly important transferrable skills to learn at any age and transcends industries. Excellent communication skills are relevant skills to master for any career path you choose and will help you to build rapport with a number of different personality types.




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