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Top reasons to work with Spayse Temps 

We are absolutely being biased when we say we are London’s best luxury hospitality and catering agency.


Spayse Temps are a relatively new recruitment agency compared to some of the others in the London market and in the past, we’ve been described as ‘small’ and ‘micro’ but we like to use the word ‘boutique’.

Most recruitment agencies boast they are a large company but we don’t use the size of our company as a selling point.
We go against the norm and judge our success on our relationships and reputation.


We believe doing temp work with us is a fun, positive and life-changing experience. There are many reasons why we think that.



So, why you should choose to work with us…



First of all, we are here for you. We know everyone says it but, we really do care.
Over the years we’ve taken on the role of an agony auntie, a life coach, a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, an inspirational pep talk giver and even at times, an unpaid therapist. Not that we are complaining!
Rather, we are very flattered that our casual workers trust us to open up. Our casual workers are an extension of the Spayse family and we support each other.



Our casual workers become increasingly more unreliable when they are low on money. Probably due to increased worrying. Too much stress can affect your mood, your health and your outlook to life. It is important for us to pay our temps weekly so that they can afford to live as well as work. What a shame it would be to live in London and not experience London!



Living in a large city like London can be extremely lonely at times. Being part of a temp recruitment agency team is a great place to find like-minded friends as well as earn money. A lot of our casual workers see each other outside of their shift work and have formed true friendship circles. Which is lovely to see.



Many of our casual workers have been with us for a long time, some even years – we promote longevity relationships. Many have gone away done their own things and then months later, when in-between jobs, starting up their own business or during study holidays, will get back in touch to work for us again.



We work with the leading brands in the luxury hospitality market and our clients are some of the best restaurants and hotels in London right now. This alone is a fantastic opportunity for industry newcomers. If you want to pave a career in the hospitality industry this can be your route in. And if not, then at least you can say you’ve worked for the best of the best in the hospitality industry.


Temp work is extremely flexible and the best thing is, it can fit around your individual lifestyle with ease. Furthermore, choosing your own hours of temp work can be liberating.


Although sometimes demanding, working in the hospitality industry is a very rewarding career path.



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