The Importance of the Spayse Temps Training Days

The Importance of the Spayse Temps Training Days

Why you should attend training?
Before we delve into the importance of attending training, let’s set the scene.


Being a hospitality and catering agency in London means we get approached by companies for numerous reasons. The main reasons are normally a time of apprehension. Most commonly, sickness cover, last minute event changes and sometimes even to assist another agency with an assignment.


Other reasons can include holiday cover and future events. These types of bookings normally have a much longer lead time. One thing all these bookings have in common are they require our casual workers to turn up and hit the ground running.


Our casual worker’s need to feel comfortable to turn up to any business, at any location and feel confident with delivering a good service. For this reason alone, we like to train all our casual workers at Spayse Temps to ensure they feel confident in their abilities and comfortable to step in and deliver.

So, what does our training entail?

Our training is a basic introduction for industry newcomers. Or a refresher for those who’ve had previous experience.
We expect all of our temps (unless with an extensive proven history) to take part in our training.


We start by explaining the hospitality industry.
What the current trends in the industry, who are our clients and what are their individual expectations.
The majority of our clients are in the 5-star luxury market for both restaurants and hotels. Therefore, we explain the uniqueness of these establishments and the high level of expectations when working with them.


We work with a number of different clients for a variety of different reasons.
We briefly explain the different service styles they may be involved in, such as; reception, 3 course dinner, canapés, buffet style. We explain the requirements for each event type and how their role would change to each.


Prior to most events, our casual workers will be setting up the event.
It is important for our casual staff to know how to set up a table, understand the cutlery and crookery and how to clear a table. We also provide basic wine service including how to hold the bottle, how to open different types of wine and understand pour measurements. Afterwards we practise all that has be learnt including practising pouring.
Basically we cover all basic service etiquette.


We focus on the butterfly service as it requires unified teamwork.
We visually demonstrate this service style followed by individual practice. This ensures everyone leaves with a good understanding of how to work together. We also practice silver service dining. Usually a banqueting shift will also require silver service knowledge.


It is important for our temps to understand basic health and safety risks in the workplace. Understanding this ensures the safety of our casual workers. We also explain the preparation behind all the events we are involved in. Once our casual works are aware of how much preparation goes into arranging an event they tend to understand why organisers can be tense on the day.


Some of our events involve very little to no communication. we like to role play scenarios of unhappy or disgruntled customers so that our temps are prepared just in case this circumstance occurs.

Our training concludes with a questions and answer session.



Our clients really appreciate the extra effort of organising these training days.
All our casual workers say they feel much more prepared for their first shift.
It really does show a level of commitment and going that extra mile demonstrates determination to succeed.


Are you ready to jump head first into the world of casual work? Spayse Temps can help.


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