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SpaYse Solutions
Connecting good people to great opportunities

Our Vision

A community of like-minded hospitality focused professionals, under an exciting brand. The members are recognised as the go-to people for the best business solutions.

Belong • Grow • Evolve

What unites the members is a passion for serving the hospitality sector and an openness to cooperation in the knowledge that each member has been proven to meet the standards of excellence that epitomises everything we love about this industry.

What makes this unique is every member committed to building strong connections based on mutual trust, backed up by the training in how to effectively leverage each others network and the strategic support to take your business to the next level.

We are creating the conditions for long term success and we invite you to consider whether you are ready to become part of this community.

Community • Opportunity • Excellence

Using the highly connected nature of the community we will provide you with the conditions necessary for success.

The value for members goes way beyond selling – it encourages the community to know, like and trust each other and have access to the best network of professional contacts. There is access to brilliant training and mentoring for faster business growth.

Benefits Include

  • Access to the best professional contacts.
  • Exposure to lucrative business opportunities.
  • 4x Working lunches (free for members).
  • 2x Social events including Summer BBQ & Christmas Party (free to members).
  • Business improvement workshops (free to members).
  • Networking skills training (free to members).
  • Hospitality Action membership.
  • Exclusive concierge service – direct, real introductions to connect you to individuals and organisations of choice.
  • Sponsorship opportunities.
  • Mentoring relationships.
  • Business listing/web page.
  • Representation at industry trade show(s).

This is about co-operation, collaboration, working together to deliver a world class service to the hospitality sector. In my experience of working in business it’s very hard to find good people, who can actually do what they say they can do so this is why SpaYse Solutions is important.

Chris Harding

If you get together a number of people and make a critical mass of people who have wisdom or thought or understanding of how hospitality works then you’ve a very powerful problem solving device.

Tim Dingle
London School of Excellence Training