Developing and reviewing Spayse International’s equality processes

Developing and reviewing Spayse International’s equality processes.

Following on from our previous blog posted at the start of the week about our stance on equality in the hospitality industry, it became relevant to highlight ways we’ve amplified our reporting process.

We’ve always created an open and honest environment to communicate with our clients and candidates and despite never having any incidents of misconduct reported, our strategy is to always be prepared. At Spayse, we believe strongly in creating an environment where all employees feel safe and secure that should an incident occur, they would be adequately prepared and supported.

Recent events in our industry have reminded us to highlight our policies and processes to all we represent. We strive to empower our workers and clients to feel confident in whistle-blowing any on-site events they think we should either investigate further.

Spayse International will reach out to highlight and provide clear documentation to understand the reporting process to all candidates within the portfolio.

In the regrettable case of an incident occurring, an open policy means all clients and candidates should feel safe in the knowledge their privacy and security will be held in the highest regards. Reporting incidents of sexual harassment or inappropriate behaviour is treated in confidence, minimising risk to their employment situation.

Spayse International are currently in the process of renewing equality articles, both inside and out. Setting the standard for balanced and equal payment and employee rights, regardless of gender, Spayse has made it their mission to challenge on behalf of candidates for equal pay across all clients.

Familiar with the process to know what to do and expect, Spayse International has pledged to set the standard in hospitality recruitment. Thus ensuring internally and externally, both clients and candidates should never be in the position to join the #TimesUp or #MeToo conversation.


Spayse International is committed to enforcing equality throughout it’s portfolio. In 2018 and beyond, we will be working with clients advising on best approaches to compliance in their respective establishments and develop long-term partnerships to achieve change. We endeavour to set the standard in pushing for equal rights in the hospitality industry; laying out clear paths to change for those not meeting acceptable standards.

Read more about Spayse International’s position on fighting for equality in the hospitality industry.

Get in touch with the Spayse team to discuss your company’s equality policies for 2018:

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