Recruiting For Restaurants: The Ultimate Guide

Recruiting For Restaurants: The Ultimate Guide – Spayse International

As the hospitality sector prepares to fully open its doors following months of COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, finding the right staff for your establishment is now more important than ever before.

Restaurants face many challenges when it comes to staff recruitment and this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic.

Here are some excellent tips on how to recruit employees for restaurants:

Reduce High Employee Turnover

Many restaurants struggle with high turnover, and it is important to take steps to improve staff retention from the very start of the recruitment process. Ensure that you only employ staff with a solid history of longevity in their previous employment or reach out to a recruitment agency to help with this process. In some areas, the high turnover can be seasonal when restaurants recruit workers for the prime seasons.

Identify “Unique Selling Points (USP’s)” To Attract The Best Staff

When considering how to recruit restaurant staff, identify and promote the USPs of your business. It could be anything from offering higher rates of pay, free meals, childcare provisions, reward schemes for high-performance employees or any other scheme that sets your business apart from your competitors. Also, consider the image of your restaurant you want to present, so employees can get a true picture of the business.

Work Out What Staff Are Needed In Which Roles

Identifying the exact number of staff needed for each role is vital to the running of your restaurant.  Consider what roles are needed before starting the recruitment process such as management, bar staff, chefs etc. and the numbers needed for each.

Get Support With Recruitment

In a post-pandemic world, restaurants are likely to be overwhelmed with applications. A trusted restaurant recruitment agency can help to ensure that you have access to only the best talent when recruiting for restaurants and will give you support when processing the applications. This can take the stress out of the hiring process and ensure you do not waste time and resources on unsuitable candidates.

Be Realistic

Give a candid overview to both applicants and the recruitment agency about what to expect from the job roles. Be honest and open about working hours, remuneration, benefits and responsibilities. This will encourage the most suitable candidates to apply and ultimately reduce turnover.

Consider Training Opportunities

If you are offering training to new employees, be clear about the levels of training being provided.  If you have lower resources or are less inclined to provide a high level of training, make sure this is explained to the more experienced candidates at the beginning of the recruitment process.  Remember, the amount of training you wish to provide to new employees will be the determining factor in the level of experience that you require.

As the hospitality sectors reopens, visit Spayse for help with staff recruitment.

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