Outsourcing your recruitment – a great opportunity for brilliance.

The HR function often has many different facets to it: typically, HR has an excellent understanding of the company’s operations, business requirements and commercial objectives. They lead the implementation of policies and other programs created by them or their team. They work closely with other departments and provide an information resource for employees, senior management and sometimes the board.

Recruiting people often takes a lot of time: it needs to be a good fit for the job role, but it also has to be someone that fits with the team and the culture of the company, and that’s what we are experts in finding. 

“The best part for the HR manager is that we only take over the recruitment project for a period of time, which allows them to do their daily jobs without allocating extra time to their already filled calendars, says Robin Hancox, COO at Spayse.

We don’t screen people, we interview them. We go into the detail of understanding why they want to leave the last role, what type of role they’re looking for and what type of role they feel would be the right fit for them.

Creating a space for brilliance

Experience has taught us that working alongside the HR function gives our clients the insurance that the right person will come in, and most of the time, it’s someone that wants to exceed in what they do. This gives the company recruitment that not only will stay longer at the job but that also has the capacity to grow within the company.

We also help our clients with the key areas to drive the ‘here and now and the somewhat urgent need to recruit vital headcount and implement processes that drive quality recruitment practices and, therefore, longer-term retention.

“The quality of such an approach ensures that we only send the top candidates over to our clients, not just a CV to match.”

Recruiters work only with recruitment 24/7, and this is where we have the advantage over either an in-house recruiter or an HR manager because we’re constantly looking for talent, and we have a massive bank of great people that are waiting for the right time to move positions.

Collaborative working, visibility of forecasts, historical performance, potential road bumps and understanding the cost of failure with aligned objectives is what we consider important for a good partnership.

Working in the global hospitality industry for over 30 years, we are the hospitality recruitment partner that understands the value of talent at work.

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