New to the Industry – A Quick Guide to the Hospitality Industry

New to the Industry?
– A Quick Guide to the Hospitality Industry

Everybody has to start somewhere. We have many casual workers approach us to join who have never worked in the hospitality industry, for some this would be their first paid employment.

Newcomers can find the hospitality industry hard to navigate. it is in an unfamiliar setting, much like retail work, it is exposed and customer facing and very different from a class room setting or an office environment.

We’ve constructed a short guide on what to do and what not to do:


DO give a good first impression

First impressions do count. The hospitality industry is a very visually judgemental sector; what we mean by that is that a brand can be judged on the professional appearance of its staff. So, do make sure you turn up with clean and ironed uniform, neat and tidy hair and not too overpowering perfume. You should always ensure you’re well-groomed with clean, short nails. These are a must when working in the hospitality industry.


DON’T be late

Regardless of industry and job, this is a must! Being late, by default, gives the impression of lack of engagement and a ‘don’t care’ attitude even if not intended. Arriving promptly on time gives the opposite and so immediately you have made a positive first impression. Keep at it. You’ll be moving across our client portfolio and so we expect prompt arrives for all our clients.


DO listen to your line manager

This almost goes without saying… but just as a reminder, please listen to the instructions and advice of your line manager. They are extremely experienced, and not only will they have some insider tips on how to get your work done efficiently and correctly, it is also just basic good manners to treat them with respect.


DO stick to the uniform

Our clients dictate and set all the uniform requirements for their establishment. Uniforms are non-negotiable. Turning up to a shift with the wrong uniform could result in you being sent home. If this does happen, then you will not be paid for that shift as it is your personal responsibility to turn up in the appropriate uniform. Don’t risk it.


DON’T use your mobile phone on shift

This is a massive no-no! This includes checking your messages, taking photographs or checking the time (invest in a watch).


DO attend the training

We have a monthly front of house training open to all industry newcomers. We like to prepare all our casual workers with the basic skills necessary to succeed. Meaning we will train you on how to hold 3 plates, how to do butterfly service, how to work in a team for an event and even soft skills training such as how to communicate appropriately to guests. Definitely attend the training!


DON’T eat the food

Resist the temptation. Shifts can be long, and food isn’t always available, we advise all our casual works to eat before their shift even if the start time is in between normal meal times.  Your shift manager is the only person who can grant permission to eat on shift. The client can ban you from returning to their establishment if you’re caught doing so.


DO ask questions

Lastly, and probably most importantly – If you’re unsure about anything, always ask. Consequences can be far worse than asking a question.




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