Making it in the Temping World

Making it in the Temping World

Temporary or casual work isn’t for everyone. In our experience, it is most definitely suited for the brave and the resilient.

Going into an unfamiliar surrounding expected to hit the ground running can be daunting, intimidating and sometimes no amount of experience can prepare you for that. We don’t want to put people off casual working, but this is the reality. If you’re prepared, then most scenarios shouldn’t faze you.

Being a temporary worker means you are there to help out, which means you could be expected to do 100 small jobs or you could be polishing for 8 hours straight. It really is a job where you have to leave your ego at the door. All of our successful casual workers have the mentality that ‘no job is below them’. They understand that they are there to aid the core full-time team.

So, beyond that, how do you make it in the world of ‘temping’?

Temporary workers have to have the emotional intelligence of a chameleon; you will definitely fine tune your communication skills. You’ll be speaking to a vast range of personality types from both our clients and their guests.

Time-keeping and professional grooming are incredibly important especially for our casual workers. You should think of your first shift as your interview. Our client will be looking at how professional you present yourself. And they will decide whether they are happy for you to represent their brand.

Uniforms, tidy hair and clean nails are of high importance.

Manners are probably the most important aspect of whether you’ll be successful as a casual worker. Knowing when to speak and when to listen will be the make or break of you with that client. Technique and skill can be taught, however manners form part of your personality and that is something that cannot be easily taught.

Are you ready to jump head first into the world of casual work? Spayse Temps can help.



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