How To Reduce High Staff Turnover In The Hospitality Industry

How To Motivate Hotel Staff To Perform Their Best

Staff turnover in the hospitality industry is exceptionally high, and this problem has only been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. With workers moving to similar jobs from one establishment to the next, job worker retention appears difficult in this sector.

This continual and disruptive change in staffing cannot exact a negative impact on general worker morale, but it can also ultimately put the performance of the organisation at risk and affect the service that customers are receiving, leaving them unsatisfied, unhappy and unwilling to return.

So, what key steps are needed to reduce high staff turnover in the hospitality industry and how can these steps be implemented?

Investment In Recruitment

One of the key ways to reduce the level of high staff turnover in hospitality industry environments is to invest in the recruitment process to get the right staff from the start. Carefully screen applicants to eliminate any who are unsuitable or show a history of rapid job changes. Use the interview process to identify the reliable candidates that will remain loyal to your business.

Create A Good Company Culture

The more incentives that an employee has to remain in a job, the more likely they are to stay. If you create a pleasant working environment and offer more tangible benefits, such as fair pay and free employee meals, this can encourage employees to value the ethos of your business and remain in their jobs.

Ongoing Staff Development

Emphasise and invest in the continual development of your staff. Not only is this more likely to keep the staff in their jobs because they can see tangible career progression, but it will also improve service for customers too.

Employee Recognition

Recognise employees who perform well to make them feel like their hard work is appreciated. Employees who feel appreciated are more likely to stay. It also provides the added motivation to all employees to strive to be their best and aim to provide a high-quality service. Of all the points on how to reduce staff turnover in hospitality industry environments, this is one of the principal aspects.

Childcare Provisions and Flexible Working

Ensuring these provisions are in place allows workers to achieve a good work/life balance, meet their work and life commitments, and ultimately remain satisfied in their jobs.

Create An Open Environment

Cultivating a culture that is open and honest, in which employees feel comfortable sharing their problems, can be a key step in lowering the high staff turnover in the hospitality industry. When problems are discussed, they are more likely to be resolved.

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