How To Motivate Hotel Staff To Perform Their Best

How To Motivate Hotel Staff To Perform Their Best

A great hotel is a wonderful place to be for both staff and guests. Unfortunately, staff turnover in the hotel industry is high. This can be related to low staff motivation, which can result in staff with less knowledge, leading to a reduction in the high levels of service that will keep guests coming back again and again.

Overall, a high staff turnover could result in serious implications for the service that your hotel provides. So, if you are wondering how to motivate hotel staff for a better environment, read on!

Mentor Staff

Being unmotivated by managers is a big factor in staff members losing their zest for their work and leaving for pastures new. As a manager, you should work hard to be both a mentor and a role model for your staff. However, you don’t want this to slip into micro-management. It is vital to trust your staff to perform their roles independently.

Invest In Training

Another reason that staff will leave a role is that they don’t feel challenged, and lose interest in their work. Becoming bored at work can also cause them to cut corners in their roles, resulting in a less than stellar guest experience. Providing ongoing training for staff allows them to be constantly developing new skills so they feel challenged and excited by the opportunities their work can provide. You can also offer training and team building activities for hotel staff to make sure everyone feels comfortable and connected.

Pay Well

So many roles within the hotel industry are poorly paid, which means that you may not be attracting passionate staff, and will struggle to retain them. Paying in line with industry standards can help with staff retention, and paying above industry standards will encourage your staff to grow with you. They will feel valued and want to stay with your hotel for longer.

Offer Rewards and Progression

As well as training your staff, you should offer rewards for those who perform especially well. This will make them want to stay with you, and if you promote them, they will always feel valued and like they can learn something new. Having open communication with staff can help you to know how they want to progress so you can address issues and keep them engaged.

Reach Out

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