Why flexible hours have attracted the entrepreneurs

Why flexible hours have attracted the entrepreneurs


Many associate temporary and casual work with students but a recent trend has seen the rise of the entrepreneur wanting flexible hours.


Gone are the days when all office jobs consisted of 40 work hours spent in eight-hour chunks Monday-Friday and this has made an impact on the hospitality industry as well. It doesn’t come as a surprise that most of the younger generations, specifically Gen Y and Gen Z are wanting a better work/ life balance and are no longer happy with slogging for 80-odd hours a week – mostly at the weekends and this is having a real impact. Causing an industry shake-up!


At Spayse Temps, we’ve seen a rise in demand the for flexible hours coinciding with the rise of young entrepreneur’s. The combination of the 2 seems to go hand in hand.

Temporary work seems to fill the gap in the market for many young entrepreneur’s looking for the balance between earning to survive whilst also having flexible hours to focus on their side-hustle; normally a start-up initiative.


Our entrepreneurial-minded casual workers cited the main reason as to why they choose to temp was the flexibility. As well as the ability to casually network with leading hospitality individuals.


This change in ‘temp worker’ isn’t a bad thing at all. It is actually having an impact in changing the perception of the ‘casual worker’. For a long time now, the stereotype for a casual worker been that they are less skilled, less motivated and less hardworking than the equivalent full-time worker. In our experience, that is not necessarily the case, especially now.


How this will impact our industry and shape the future of the temporary workforce in hospitality is somewhat uncertain. But, right now we are definitely benefiting from this change in mentality. Spayse Temps has many successful and capable casual workers on our books which are full of drive and ambition with an entrepreneurial-mindset.



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