Finding Your Tribe – Is Your Company Culture Set For Success?

Is Your Company Culture Set For Success?

Never underestimate the power of company culture.
Whether a restaurant or hotel, building a team is an art form in the hospitality industry.

The happiness & motivations of the tribe you create – and your position as leader – will ultimately dictate the success or failure of your business.


“In unstable times, growth comes from leaders who create change and engage their organizations,
instead of from managers who push their employees to do more for less.”
– Seth Godin


Focus time, effort and resources on cultivating your company culture: be clear about your hotel or restaurant’s key values.
Setting strong foundations to underpin your tribe and displaying these explicitly will attract like-minded people to the organisation, plus set the tone in all other areas of business.


  • What does your company represent?

  • How does it stand apart in the hospitality industry?

  • What type of customers would you like as regulars?

  • How would you like the hotel or restaurant described in listings?


A clearly defined tribe mentality carries through from the front of house waiter/ waitress to the kitchen chef. Once you’ve set a roadmap to success for your company culture, be open to feedback from waiting staff and chefs on the ground all the way up to senior management and board members. Take steps to deploy and regularly follow-up, ensuring these values are embedding into teams at all levels.

When multiple people share the same philosophies and approaches to work, momentum can push forward to achieve that big goal that once looked so inconceivable. After all, in the hospitality industry, your restaurant or hotel is nothing without the tribe that serves it.



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