Finding Your Tribe – Taking The Lead In Business

Finding Your Tribe – Taking The Lead In Business


Once you’ve defined your company culture and created a detailed plan of how it stands out in the hospitality sector, it’s time to define the personalities who will carry out your culture – finding your business tribe.

 Connected to a leader, to a mission and most importantly – each other.


Seth Godin described a tribe as ‘giving people a platform for spreading ideas that work.’

Take on these, five tips for finding a business tribe that prospers:

  1. It takes one to know one.
    Without knowing your company’s own priorities, finding others who share and ultimately deliver against your beliefs will be difficult. Take time to reflect on your core values, being a leader and creating a mission statement to share with possible tribe members. Ultimately be ready to snap up a fellow ‘triber’ when you recognise one.
  2. Focus on resonating vibrations, not sameness.
    Remember – ‘Built on diverse backgrounds connected by a shared mentality’.
    Not every ‘triber’ will share the same roots or quirks. Focus on connecting a varied business tribe, contributing and learning from a myriad of approaches, not one conforming to a status quo.
  3. Make it a two-way street.
    Relationships are give-and-take so, be clear what being a part of your tribe will offer potential members. Whether personal or professional development in the hospitality industry – preferably both – make it clear it’s a two-way thing. Offer sought-after work perks to tribe members to secure their loyalty, in exchange benefiting from desirable qualities they’ll bring to the team.

  4. Ask questions.
    Using your company mission statement, devise a few well-thought-out questions that go beyond work, shedding light on a potential tribe member’s personality.
    Hiring front-of-house to back –
    waiting staff, manager or chef – giving your potential ‘triber’ a chance to talk about their passions you’ll quickly learn if they’re a good fit for the team.
  5. Think differently.
    Use every chance you can to engage with promising tribe members in their natural habitats. Take responsibility to work with recruitment specialists to seek out high-profile talent both on and offline. Beyond the
    hospitality industry your people could be closer than you think!



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