Spayse International’s position on fighting for equality in the hospitality industry

Spayse International’s position on fighting for
equality in the hospitality industry

February has been a month of recognition for equality and sexual harassment with a number of courageous women leading the way to opening up long overdue equality conversations. 2018 is highlighting the many issues afflicting the hospitality industry and stressing the importance of joining the conversation whilst looking internally at how we can contribute to the #TimesUp and #MeToo movement.

As guardians of the hospitality industry, Spayse International is built on a foundation of integrity and excellence, driven by results. As such, Spayse International is not only invested in developing long-term company culture on behalf of clients but advancing substantial and fulfilling careers on behalf of candidates. Proud to uphold core ethical values, today Spayse International launches a sector-wide initiative to strive for fair, decent and progressive treatment of workers across the hospitality industry.

Creating positive equality change in the hospitality industry, Spayse continues to advise clients on best-practices in taking care of candidates welfare and development.  Putting the following steps in place, Spayse International’s mission is to ensure risks are managed ahead of time:


Prevention strategies for the future
Our preferred strategy across the board is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. The starting point for all recruitment is who are our clients and what do they stand for. Who we choose to work with dictates the environments we are placing our candidates into.

At Spayse International, we carefully select our clients through a critical vetting process whereby we investigate the companies proven standards for balanced and equal payment with specific focus on employee rights, regardless of gender, offering safe and secure environments of work. We are fortunate enough to be able to choose who we work with and we deem those who we do work with as ‘employees of choice’.


Our employees of choice are those who comply to the following codes of conduct:

Treatment of workers on shift
We’re willing to stand up and let our voices be heard that unwanted and inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated at Spayse.

The mistreatment of any of our workers on shift – whether via derogatory language or behaviour; unequal pay or treatment – is something Spayse International feels passionately to combat. No-one should feel intimidated, victimised or receive unwanted or inappropriate attention whilst on shift.

Collaborating with industry bodies to raise awareness of implications of such behaviour, no matter the seniority level of the accused, is the primary weapon in the fight for fair and equal treatment.

Through our collaboration with Astute HR,  we have paved the way for a 2-way conversation with our clients. We are providing assistance on anti-harassment and employment advice via a free 30 minute session, Astute HR answer questions to ensure policies and processes are up to date, with options for additional support if required.

Standards and uniform policy
Spayse International has instigated a company-wide review of standards and uniform policies. Approaching all clients, the aim is to ensure all clothing, hair and makeup codes comply with relevant legislation as non-demeaning and appropriate for both men and women, regardless of culture or sexual orientations.

Responses have been welcomed and positive and we believe by highlighting our intolerance of unacceptable policies will help shape the industry beyond our current client base.

Managing expectations for better education of standards
Spayse Temps plans to launch a training initiative to inform and educate candidates on expected levels of behaviour in the workplace. From correct methods of addressing guests to appropriate physical contact with guests and colleagues, basic waiting skills, expected standards will be made clear whilst being mindful and taking into consideration the individual’s culture, race and gender identification.

Proactive talent development
In addition to the preventative measures put in place, Spayse International also strives for the future development of female leaders in the hospitality industry. A client-wide talent development drive will ensure strong female candidates are elevated to deserving positions with corresponding pay.

Better to be proactive than underprepared, Spayse International feels the necessity to vocalise on such an important topic such as equality affecting the workforce whilst always offering advice on all manner of HR consulting. Spayse International are intent on raising standards in the hospitality industry from the inside out.


Get in touch with the Spayse team to discuss HR and equality strategies for your organisation:

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