A diverse and inclusive workplace makes for a successful business

Many studies have been made on the subject of diversity and inclusion in business and the potential benefits to a company’s growth, where most studies point to a few key areas.

Most people need transparency and communication in order to feel included and have a sense of belonging in the group, and here at Spayse, we welcome our people’s viewpoints and ideas because inclusivity and diversity aren’t just about gender, ethnicity or beliefs; it can simply be about taking the time to get to know the people you work with and help them to thrive. 

“I’m convinced that treating everyone in your company as equals has a massive impact on their working lives, meaning we feel happier when we are counted on, relied upon and informed. Nothing is closer to my heart than making sure that people feel supported and happy to work here”, says Robin Hancox, COO at Spayse.

Here at Spayse, we take this to the next level by encouraging our people to collaborate and help each other to grow by sharing their skills and experiences. We have learned that this is especially important when a company has ambitious growth plans. Why? Let’s take an example. In general, people have a tendency to hire employees who are similar to themselves in terms of personality, background and in skill set. This can mean that nothing new is added to the mix, no outside perspective, and no thinking from completely different angles – if this happens consistently in a business, it can lead to stagnation rather than growth.

The founder and CEO of Spayse, Neil Graham, has always believed in sharing skillsets and experiences:

“I’ve seen first-hand the results of creating diverse teams, but also teams that collaborate and have psychological safety, the confidence to speak up and challenge each other. When recruiting, it’s important to think about the wider team rather than simply recruiting each candidate as a one-off.  When adding to a team or business, we should think about what the team is really good at, also, what it is missing, like: do we have a good spread of skills, personality types and experience in order to fill in the gaps.”

Teams of people with different backgrounds, skills, experiences, and knowledge are proven to be more effective, consistently delivering better results. Working in an environment that consciously promotes diversity and inclusivity also tends to drive innovation due to the ‘many angles’ of diverse groups.

Learning to collaborate and support each other not only ensures the group can deliver excellence but will also speed up the development of individuals working there.  Even recruitment will have better results in attracting talent for an inclusive workplace because they have a broader field to choose from, and more people will be attracted to a workplace like that.

“Here at Spayse, we all come from different backgrounds, and in my experience, this is the biggest factor for our success, and I believe that it’s because of this that we can create a space for innovation and respect. Being myself wherever I am is the most important thing for me. At Spayse, we are more like a group of friends working together, supporting each other – no matter where you come from”, says one of our Recruitment Consultants here at Spayse. 

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