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The job of the recruiter is to be in constant contact and in touch with candidates – understanding where their careers want to go. Recruitment is reactive by the nature of the vacancy, and a client will say, “I’ve got to find someone to replace the ones that left” the benefit of using a recruiter is: we already have those connections and those contacts so that a new placement could be as quick as a snap of a finger.

A proactive employee, rather than a reactive employee, is aware that they need to enhance their business, and so they will be looking for someone that not only can do the job and are happy to learn new things but also someone that fits their brand values and culture, and this is something we’re great at.

Finding the right match

We see CV matching as something of the past. We’re not saying that matching a person’s CV with a position is outdated or shouldn’t be considered, but finding someone that has that added value that enhances your team or department to the next level, has many times very little to do with their CV.

Organisations are built upon people, great organisations are built on great people. Recruitment nowadays, predominantly as a personality-based business, we find that professionality, ie what’s on the CV, will get you through the door, and this is what most agencies will give their clients: a bunch of CVs to choose from.

“Being able to find someone that can develop your business tomorrow is what a great placement is all about”, says Neil Graham, CEO at Spayse.

In a post-pandemic world, it’s no longer a focus on finding talent that can do the job, but it’s all about finding people that can adapt and help companies grow.

Here at Spayse, we know that most people recruit based on personality, body language, engagement, emotional intelligence and by culture. Being able to find someone that can develop your business tomorrow is what a great placement is about.

Our COO, @Robin Hancox explains this brilliantly in his recent blog.

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