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Consultant Solutions

Connecting you to industry clients and contacts

Sometimes in business you require specialist skill sets that you either don’t have in-house or can’t source directly.

That’s where we come in. Our unique international consultant solutions is a unique service – a global consultancy that is made up of contributing consultants and businesses with specialist disciplines across a myriad of hospitality areas.


Tapping in to this service will put you directly in touch with leading specialist businesses and consultants that have been handpicked and personally vetted by well-respected industry professionals.

If you need assistance or have a particular project skill missing, then we can guarantee that we can put you in touch with the right people to get the job done.

SpaYse Solutions, a joint venture of Neil Graham, Managing Director, SpaYse Ltd and John Wood, the international culinary consultant and founder of Kitchen CUT.

Neil and John have worked together for the past six years and developed SpaYse Solutions due to the growing demand of enquiries.

The concept grew further when discussing clients needs and understanding that it wasn’t just about finding another culinary consultant but being able to offer them connections to individuals, organisations and operations that made real operational differences.


To join SpaYse Solutions costs you nothing and is simply a way for us to register you as part of the SpaYse family.

Joining will benefit you in two ways, the first being that we’ll recommend you to clients needing your service, and the second to other industry individuals and organisations that would be of a mutual benefit to each other.

Each company would be required to arrange a business to business agreement for the introductions. This is done on an individual basis and up to each side to agree.

Each member will be able to profile themselves on our private members network.

Paying clients will also have access to this and be able to connect with you directly as well.

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