Choosing the Right Hospitality and Catering Agency

Choosing the Right Hospitality and Catering Agency


We are Spayse Temps, a luxury hospitality and catering agency based in London.

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The demand for good, reliable, casual staff in London has never been so high. This is partly because of the cities size but also due to it’s fast paced environment. There are many hospitality agencies to work for in London. But are they really so different?

Why should a casual worker choose to work with Spayse Temps above any other hospitality recruitment agency?

This is a rather difficult question to answer. Firstly, our answer would be incredibly biased. And, secondly, the ‘perfect’ hospitality agency differs from person to person.

What we can do however, is we can explain the difference between agencies and why it is important to pick the ‘right’ hospitality agency for you.


So, how do agencies differ?



Firstly, and probably most importantly, different agencies deal with different clients. Therefore the requirements, skill sets, hours available and demands vastly differ client to client. Understanding who you’ll be working for and what roles are available will help you decide if that agency is best for you.



Pay schedules can vary. At Spayse Temps we choose to pay our temps weekly and this works for us and for our casual workers. It gives our temps 1 less thing to worry about and so they can really focus on the job at hand. But other companies will differ.



Different agencies use different technological aids to assist with the smooth running of their business. Spayse Temps we use Parim, which effectively means, once registered you can apply for shifts through a very easy app. You can log when you’re unavailable, get notified of new shifts and accept suitable shifts all via your phone. Other companies may stick to the traditional method of phone call and emails – which we do in addition, but it can slow down the process.



Consultant relationships are very important. Having a good relationship with your recruitment consultant makes everyone’s life easier and you’re more likely to stick out from the crowd. Especially if you’re part of a larger agency. Maintaining a healthy, professional relationship with your consultant will mean you’ll be contacted when appropriate shifts come in.



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