3 Signs A Career In The Hospitality Industry Is Perfect For You

Hospitality Industry

Are you just embarking on a career in hospitality, or looking for a change of scenery from an established career in another sector? If you meet certain requirements, a hospitality career in the UK could be exactly what you are looking for. The industry offers plenty of opportunities for well-paid, enjoyable and rewarding jobs, and the best candidates are often rewarded with an established career path.

In this article, we look at why the hospitality industry is a great career option if you have three specific traits and skills.

1) You Like Travelling

If you enjoy travelling and can transmit your passion for it, you could be perfectly suited to a job in travel and tourism. This sector is part of hospitality, and it supports more than 280 million jobs in the global economy.

Certain roles within the hospitality industry require a lot of travelling, as is the case of tour managers or holiday representatives. If you adapt quickly to other cultures and speak one or more foreign languages, roles like hotel manager also offer international mobility, especially in the luxury sector.

2) You’re Naturally Sociable

Are you at your best in social environments? If you enjoy talking to and meeting new people, you are very likely to do well in hospitality. In this industry, being personable and making people feel at ease are essential skills. In fact, soft skills form the basis of customer service, which is the biggest part of hospitality.

3) You Work Well Under Pressure

Hospitality venues like hotels, conference centres, and restaurants are fast-paced environments where things can change quickly.

Hospitality professionals must deal with customers who can be very demanding and expect exceptional customer service and be good at accommodating last minute changes of plan. This brings a constant level of pressure to everyday tasks and requires great stress management skills.

If You Thrive In This Type Of Work Environment, Hospitality Could Be Your Ideal Career.

Of course, these aren’t the only skills you’ll need to work in this sector. Hospitality settings hire candidates with a balanced mix of both ‘soft’ and ‘hard’, technical skills. However, a love for travelling, meeting new people and working well under pressure are the basic skills you’ll need to get started in hospitality and meet the demands of your job.

A good hospitality recruitment agency, such as Spayse, can offer specific advice on what the top clients are looking for in candidates. Please get in touch to find out more.

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