5 Most Important Hotel Training Topics For Staff

5 Most Important Hotel Training Topics For Staff

In the hotel industry, there is a wide variety of different roles and skills. Therefore, there is a huge diversity of training needs for staff.

The level of training that an individual staff member will require can vary depending on what their job role is. Also, a staff member’s level of seniority will also determine the type and intensity of training required to develop their skills and optimise their working processes.

Here are 5 of the most important hotel training topics for staff:

1. Maximise The Potential For Front Of House Staff

The need for improving the effectiveness of staff training in a hotel is demonstrated most prominently in the front of house staff. As these staff members will be constantly interacting with guests, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, give them thorough training on topics such as how to greet guests and check them in, correct procedures for answering the phones, their neatness and presentation and how to handle unhappy guests.

2. Optimise Housekeeping Standards

Many guests judge a hotel by its appearance and cleanliness, so among the various hotel staff training topics for housekeeping workers, you might want to include the importance of how to clean rooms and public spaces thoroughly, as well as health and safety requirements and how to interact with guests properly.

3. Improve Training For Hotel Restaurant Workers

To deliver a dining experience to your guests that will exceed their expectations, excellent staff training topics for restaurant staff can incorporate food service and taking orders as well as menu training so they are well versed to answer guests’ questions and offer advice. Be sure they are fully trained in interacting with guests and time management too, as this will reduce the scope for unhappy guests or complaints.

4. Excellent Training For Hotel Bar Staff

Make sure that your bar staff are fully trained in all the basic procedures of bartending. Depending on your hotel bar, that could include training them on how to prepare cocktails and informing guests about different types of wines. Instilling bar staff with an awareness of alcohol safety is important too.

5. Enhance Managerial Training

When considering how to train hotel staff, remember that good training programmes start at the top. Your hotel managers will oversee the running of the hotel and so they need to be trained to the highest standards to ensure that everything else runs smoothly. For managers, one of the key training areas to focus on is communication. This will allow them to talk openly and honestly with other managers, staff and hotel guests and can encourage a positive culture in the hotel. It’s also essential to incorporate training on decision making, negotiation, and conflict resolution into their training.

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