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SpaYse – A New Way To Connect To Talent

Ensuring the best people are at the heart of your business.

Our story

The fact that we come under the umbrella of a recruiting firm doesn’t really tell you the true story, most organisations miss the consultant side of the business. 


A lot of people, quite simply, are looking for someone to provide a member of staff, which we can do. 


But we find it more beneficial to consult with a client and look at the long term project. 


One of the key factors of what we do is to work in partnership with our clients. 


We get approached by a lot of organisations that want to start up new businesses, whether it be a restaurant or a hotel. 


We have clients who come to us with an understanding of they want to be this, that and the other.


They want to do a Michelin-style restaurant.

They want to do a casual café concept.


So we help our clients by introducing them to individuals that will help them get to that point.


Often with clients, we will say to them,


“Don’t look at a CV . We’ll find the people. That’s what you’re paying us for. You trust us to engage. We’ll find the right people for you.”


But if you’re looking at a piece of paper. It’s like trying to read a book by its front cover. 


For some clients, you will have to present five or six individuals and then build a relationship with them. 


We’re a search service. We’re a search service of people. 


Over the years we’ve worked with many new openings. 


Many clients who have been through challenges and we’ve always asked them, 


  • Who do we know? 
  • What do we know? 
  • And how can we help you with your business?


It is not necessarily about finding people. 


We want to help you sustain your business over the long term. 


It’s the individuals or organisations we can help connect you with. 


And we’ve always helped our clients achieve this as part of our service. 

What clients say

Spayse have provided my Hotel with a complete recruitment solution. Working closely alongside the Hotel Team, Neil and his colleagues search and source the “right fit”. In an ever more challenging recruitment market, Spayse provide a fast and professional response to every area of the business. Neil’s extensive experience and knowledge is invaluable in helping to plan our long term future. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Spayse to any industry colleague.

Simon Maguire, General Manager
Kensington Hotel

Over the last 36 months Green Baize Doors has enjoyed a trusted working relationship with Neil at Spayse. Green Baize Doors has built its reputation in the domestic staff recruitment industry because we source the highest caliber domestic staff for our clients. However, when we are asked to find candidates who come from the world of commercial deluxe hospitality, we don't waste any time in contacting Neil at Spayse. Our established working relationship is built on trust and understanding. Working hand-in-hand with Neil, we tap into a  unique candidate database, exceptional for both its range and breadth of talent, so allowing us to locate and place quite extraordinary candidates. I have no hesitation in recommending working with Neil and The Team at Spayse.

Kevin Johnson
Green Baize Doors

We started working with Neil and his company SpaYse in the summer of 2014. At the time the remit was to help us recruit a new front of house F & B team for the launch of The 108 Brasserie and Bar @ our Marylebone property. The quality of the candidates Neil’s team brought to the operation allowed us to really propel the space forward and two years later the space has become a vibrant destination restaurant at the centre of the Marylebone Village. From this success we engaged Neil and his team to look after the recruitment for the three London properties and over the past 18 months they have recruited all levels for us from General Manager to Kitchen Porters.  It was a big leap for our business to engage an outside recruitment service but the level of personnel SpaYse has attracted to The Doyle Collection has mirrored our drive to become London’s finest luxury boutique hotel group.  The integration of the SpaYse recruitment team with our own HR teams has also allowed us to understand that our people culture is at the for-front of our customer service. The success in recruiting the right people has meant the luxury brand we offer and the standards we set are achievable each and every day and this has allowed us to continue the legacy of The Doyle Collection.

Pat King
CEO, Doyle Collection

A selection of our Clients

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